Below is a list of FAQs. If your query is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. How long does my charter need to be?
Many companies will ask you to charter for a week, especially during high season. However, during winter season, this is much more flexible. In addition there are a lot of Day Charter yachts available worldwide that would specialise in providing days out at sea.

2. Do the captain/crew need to be tipped? If so, what’s the normal amount?
Tipping is voluntary. If you’re pleased with their service, then you may tip. The normal rate is anything between 5% and 15% of the total charter amount. Tips are usually given on the last day of the charter. In the Mediterranean the rate is usually 5% – 10% and in the Caribbean it is 10% – 15% .

3. What is a bareboat charter?
A bareboat charter is simply a charter yacht which is rented without the crew or skipper. Meaning you will need to navigate and skipper it yourself. Usually some certification of boating experience is required in order to be able to charter bareboat. Certification and requirements usually vary from country to country.

4. What kind of quality control occurs on the boat in order to ensure that they are in good condition?
All charter companies have to adhere to the local maritime laws and regulations. Papers are regularly checked. All operators must also carry insurance by law. We only work with proven operators, with those who have a proven clean and good track record of success.

5. What is the ‘’APA’’?

This is the Advance Provisioning Allowance. The APA creates a bank account for the Captain of the Boat on your behalf. Key Provisions include fuel, food, drinks and port fees. Normally a percentage will be added on to the base charter fee. Sailing yachts usually add a 20 – 25% fee and motor yachts add 30 – 35%, which is to be paid with the final charter payment.

A full account of the expenditures are to be given to you, as well as any amounts not used are to be refunded.

6. How do I pay for the charter?
As soon as you book, you will receive a full invoice with the payments due in the currency of your charter. Most common payments are usually made by bank transfer or credit card.

 7. Is it possible to specify the food and wine to be served aboard?

Yes. Every detail counts in order to help create a great experience. It is important for us to know as early as possible what your requests are in order to be able to guarantee that they would be possible. This also includes activities, entertainment, special celebrations, food and wine, diets and any allergies or medical conditions.

 8. Do you arrange scuba diving?

It usually is possible to arrange an off-shore scuba diving activity.

9. How is the itinerary planned out?

We have your best interests at heart and every itinerary we propose is written with your own requirements in mind. We will then liaise directly with the Captain in order to confirm the itinerary.

Yachts for Brokerage

Buying a yacht is a very important decision. Our sales team will put at your disposition all their experience and knowledge to find you the yacht that meets up to your requirements.
We listen, We research, We select.

Our sales team will show you a selection according to your preferences from our extensive database and help you with all technical information that you may require. We will guide you step by step throughout the negotiation and registration of your new yacht.

SUPERYACTHING Malta can also act as your central agent for the sale of your old yacht.
We ensure to build a close relationship based upon honesty and dedication in order to give you the best service.

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Yachts for Charter

We offer a selection of yachts available for chartering and one of the most popular and exquisite charter destinations in the Mediterranean. We cater for first time charters, family or groups who wish to explore beaches and towns around the Maltese islands or southern Italy. The climate, cuisine and natural beauty of this coastline is renowned all over the world. We offer professional crew and experienced captains to give you the most memorable and lavish holiday experience.

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