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Yachts for Brokerage

Buying a yacht is a very important decision. Our sales team will put at your disposition all their experience and knowledge to find you the yacht that meets up to your requirements.
We listen, We research, We select.

Our sales team will show you a selection according to your preferences from our extensive database and help you with all technical information that you may require. We will guide you step by step throughout the negotiation and registration of your new yacht.

SUPERYACTHING Malta can also act as your central agent for the sale of your old yacht.
We ensure to build a close relationship based upon honesty and dedication in order to give you the best service.

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Yachts for Charter

We offer a selection of yachts available for chartering and one of the most popular and exquisite charter destinations in the Mediterranean. We cater for first time charters, family or groups who wish to explore beaches and towns around the Maltese islands or southern Italy. The climate, cuisine and natural beauty of this coastline is renowned all over the world. We offer professional crew and experienced captains to give you the most memorable and lavish holiday experience.

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